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Facebook Group invite will be given via email once you have purchased your Challenge and have been approved for membership.

Over $4,000 in cash prizes

There are a few contests left for the remainder of this year giving you a chance to win the ultimate prize of meeting and doing a training session with the Master Motivator Qimmah Russo in LA or maybe even abroad! The Grand prize winner will get to know up close and personal what Qimmah Therapy is all about!

Note-Joining the contest is not required nor is blogging on your social media channels in order to do the challenge. The contest is just a great incentive to push you harder to reach your goals! You can join the Challenge when ever you want to just keep in mind you have a specific # of days to complete each contest and you must submit photos within that same # of days as the challenge in order to be eligible to win the Grand Prize.

Thank You for accepting The Q Challenge! There will be 2 winners chosen from each Q Challenge! A Grand prize winner and a runner up. The winners will be chosen by me and my Team. All results will be posted on the Contest/Testimonials page of my website

TO DO list to be eligible to join the Contest …READ CAREFULLY

  1. JOIN MY PRIVATE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY THE Q CHALLENGE AND BLOG REGULARLY: We will be choosing a winner who is active with sharing their journey and a positive support to the other club members! For all those who only have an IG pls use hashtag #TheQimmahchallenge and track the hashtag joining forces with other members of my exclusive club.(Please reframe from spreading any negativity or using unkind language. We are creating a safe space for personal growth so it is is very important to keep all abusive behavior off the page and out of the community or you will be blocked for good.)
  2. GET INVOLVED & STAY MOTIVATED: The more you do and give, the more you get back in return from our club! Keep a daily journal of your journey throughout the Challenge. You should add #TheQimmahChallenge to your bio. Blog what you’re eating, What you’re feeling, things that motivate you, how you’re starting to look better in your clothes, how you shop for food and food prep, give support and encouragement to others in the club with you!
  3. SUBMIT YOUR BEFORE PHOTO: When you purchase your Q Challenge submit your BEFORE photo to email ( and when you are done with whichever Q Challenge you have completed, please submit your AFTER photos to the same email.
  4. All Q Challenges can be done at anytime AFTER that specific Q Challenge you want to purchase has ended.
  5. When you purchase a Q Challenge the Sunday night before it begins you will have access to that coming weeks workouts. After the current Q Challenge has ended you will have access to purchase it and you will have access to the challenge workouts right away.

Hold a white piece of paper with the following written on it in black marker:

    • -Name of Challenge
    • -Facebook Name or IG Handle
    • -Date
    • -City & State/Country
  1. The photo must be taken by someone else against a brightly lit plain wall from mid calf to above the head. I need to see a close up front view, side view and back view. You should wear short fitted shorts and a sports bra anything else will not be eligible to enter the contest. (No bathing suits or underwear allowed). Photos must NOT be edited in any way. Take the after photo in the same outfit with same lighting and the same spot you took the before photo in if possible. If you can’t get to that same spot find an identical spot with the same lighting and same outfit.
  2. Submit your photo to the email ( Include your name, your social media handle, and make sure you specify if it’s your Before or After photo in the body of the email, along with an explanation of how Qimmah Therapy has affected you. In the subject specify which Challenge you are entering the contest for (ex.) The 28 Day Q1 Challenge Submission
  3. Absolutely NO editing whatsoever of any submissions for the contests or you will be disqualified.
  • The winners will be chosen by me 7 to 1 4 days after the contest is over. The winners photos will all be posted on the website Testimonial/Contest page.
  • The Grand Prize winner will be chosen AFTER the end of the calendar year, out of all the winners from all the challenges completed in 2020.
  • That Grand Prize winner will receive an all expense paid experience with me in sunny Los Angeles California or abroad.
  • The Grand prize winner will be revealed March 2021. The trip details will be arranged with the Grand prize winner to ensure no scheduling conflicts, within 90 days from announcement date depending on the travel provisions in our United States at that time. All of the state of emergency affairs will need to be considered and will play a part in how we can proceed with the gifting of our Grand Prize.
  1. 1. All participants must follow the contest guidelines for photo submission and must be sent to the correct email listed: ( or you will not be eligible.
  2. For my Winners I will be choosing those who have achieved the biggest change in either gaining lean defined muscle or losing fat and tightening up. I will also be looking at who is a positive force in the Club and who is consistently blogging on social media about their experience. Although it is optional to blog and get involved in our community, those who display a positive attitude and contributes to the overall moral of the club, will be on my radar when I’m looking for the winners!


  1. 1. You will be given access to each week’s set of workouts the Sunday before the week begins. Ex) Sunday July 26 you will be given access to the start date Monday July 27 Challenge week of workouts.
  2. For All those who join the Q Club the week before, you will still need to wait for access my Private Facebook Community before the challenge begins (July 27, 2020). Once you are sent and invite to the facebook group and are accepted as an exclusive member you can expect great fitness challenge tips and meal prep advice to use with your free meal plan, which you will choose when you purchase the Challenge with your free voucher provided to you after your purchase. Along with Free Vlog Video’s to prepare you for the challenge and much much more!
  3. Everyone who wants to join the Contest make sure you submit your BEFORE photos based on the guidelines provided on my website above by Sunday July 27th before midnight for your chance to win the cash prizes!
  4. You only need to join the Q Challenge one time and follow all guidelines to be eligible to win cash prizes!
  5. If you do The Q Challenge on your own you can still enter to win cash prizes as long as you follow all guidelines and your submission of your AFTER photo comes in 28 days after your BEFORE photo meeting all photo guidelines.
  6. Now Let’s Get Shmexy!
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