Get Ready


How this program works

Train hard at home or at the gym and bring out the best version of you using my Multi Level Online Library Program! Whether you want to build Muscle , Get Toned or just Lean Out, we get the job done.

This Fitness Library includes all individual exercise video demonstrations for each Fitness Level and NO Circuits Included. Each Level of Exercise will include a general idea of how many Reps and Sets to do per day but this time you choose the exercises to input into your Circuits. Let’s see what you do with my Fitness Library!

Everything your body needs.

Set your intentions, words and actions towards the goal and watch it appear in a flash. – Qimmah

What's included:

  • All videos play on your phone, your Computer, and all digital devices. 

  • Each Fitness Level includes an Exercise Demonstration Library for you to learn from and create your own New Circuits.
  • Home Workouts & Gym Workouts Available

  • Access to Private Facebook Community

  • All HD Quality Video

  • 24/7 Email Customer Service (

  • Level 2 Intermediate and Advanced & Beginner Level videos can be viewed with music or without music. Intermediate Level 1 can only be viewed with music

  • Each video gives direction either spoken or listed on the screen and/or a voice over. You will be guided by me through all exercises

Beginner Athlete at home

If your just starting out on your Fitness journey and you want to improve your overall physique these beginner are where you should start.

Beginner Athlete Home with Music
Beginner Athlete Home No Music

Intermediate Athlete at Home Level 1 & 2

You have made it past your beginner level of fitness and are ready to go to the next Level of intensity but not yet advanced this level of fitness will get you there,

Intermediate Athlete at Home Level 1 With Music
Intermediate Athlete at Home Level 2 With Music
Intermediate Athlete at Home Level 2 No Music

Advance Athlete at Gym Level 1 & 2

You have arrived at the top level of fitness as an athlete band are ready to compete at your best. This level will combine all that you have learned as an athlete and put it to the test. Get ready to see your full potential.

Advance Athlete Gym Level 1 with Music
Advance Athlete Gym Level 2 With Music
Advance Athlete Gym Level 2 No Music