"My guide to building perfect legs"
for men & women

Qimmah Russo
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Hi guys!

The term Quadzilla was coined by fans and peers in the industry when I first hit the social media scene right after a famous photo of me holding two weights went viral. Since I joined IG I’ve been asked a million times about the way I train my legs, so I decided to develop this special program.

Quadzilla incorporates two separate women’s and men’s 4 week leg workout program’s and also includes a meal plan template designed specifically to support successful leg transforming workouts. This program will help fuel, strengthen and sculpt your lower body into the legs you actually want.

Following overwhelming positive feedback on the program from my peers, me and my team are now making this available to the public for purchase and download. I collected all my leg secrets plus added in a ton of extra featured goodies and created this e-book to share my recipe for killer legs.

I work my legs more than any other body part because they support everything I set out to do. I believe that the legs are one of the most important parts of getting where you want to be in life. Let’s Go ! <3