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Born in New York, raised in LA … Qimmah rose from the concrete as an all-around athlete to becoming an Instagram-famous fitness sensation with over 1.7 million worldwide followers and counting.

She is here to inspire the world with both her unique charm and warrior work ethic inside of her customizable online coaching programs, which challenge and build her clients both physically and mentally.

Nothing is out of your reach! Join the fitness community that Qimmah has created and nurtured into a one-of-a-kind support team that focuses on positivity, individuality, and growth. Who says you can’t have muscles?


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Let Qimmah join you on this ride, and help guide you on your personal journey as you take the next steps to achieve the body of your dreams. You are ready to make a change in your life. First steps are the hardest, but I promise, it gets easier and more rewarding withQimmah leading the way while following the customized fitness and meal programs provided. It’s never been easier to take control of your destiny. Break the cycle and get the body of your dreams! The time is NOW.

As an experienced trainer and online coach, I have seen so many online programs that claim to achieve unreal results, using quick-fixes, shortcuts and diet fads. These ‘tricks’ are not sustainable for the life-changing goals you are creating for yourself. My plans are very effective if you are dedicated and follow the plans consistently.

Expect Qimmah to cut thru the BS to lead by example in her branded series of videos that follow your own specifications and personal physical requirements! One size does not fit all, I have never fit onto a box myself and know that everyone is different, so my programs conform to the questionnaire and how you fill it out. Crafting the best meal and workout plans for your individual needs and goals is my mission. I believe in pushing yourself to the limit, to find the best version of yourself, inside and out. Take the ‘second step’ today and I will be here with you the entire way!

There are no shortcuts – this will take hard work and dedication. But if you’ve tried other diet and fitness programs that didn’t work and are ready to finally lose the weight and keep it off for good – the time is NOW.